We see a variety of bone fractures. Often these fractures occur after a trauma such a being hit by car, jumping or falling. Typical fractures that can be repaired with bone plating include femoral, humeral, tibial, and radial fractures. Bone plating is an excellent method of fixation for certain fracture types as it can be molded to conform to the bone to provide greater stability of the fracture site and decreased motion that aids in fracture healing. It often allows the patient to begin to use the leg soon after surgery which can help maintain muscle mass and function of the limb.

In addition to bone plating we also offer a variety of other orthopedic services such as Intramedullary pinning, K-wire cross pinning, Extra-capsular repair of the stifle for cranial cruciate ligament injuries, Patellar Luxation repair, Femoral Head Ostectomy, and Limb amputation when necessary.