Diagnostics At Northside Veterinary Hospital we have an inside lab that allows us to perform testing such as a Complete Blood Count and Comprehensive Blood Chemistries screening for organ dysfunction, electrolyte imbalances, clotting ability, and thyroid levels. These results are often reported in as little as 20 minutes allowing us to make quick scientific decisions regarding your pet’s needs.

We can perform microscopic cytology to guide our treatment plans based on individual patient findings. This is often useful for treating ear infections, evaluating a mass, and reproductive procedures. Additionally, with microscopy we routinely screen patients for intestinal and blood parasites.

We have table side tests that look for blood antigens or antibodies against specific diseases. Diseases such as heartworms, parvovirus, feline leukemia virus, and feline immunodeficiency virus can be screened for in as little as 10 minutes allowing us to give pet owners answers during your pet’s exam.

When needed, we send blood or tissue samples off to an outside lab for specialized testing for specific diseases. Often these results are reported the next day. For tumors or growths, we recommend histopathology. This requires sending a tissue sample to a pathologist to make a definitive diagnosis of the type of tumor. The results can sometimes take 7 days to receive. From this information we can provide information regarding your pet’s prognosis and available treatment options that are best for your pet.

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