We perform spay and neuter procedures routinely in dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering your pet prevents unwanted pregnancies but also can help with a variety of other issues such as behavior, urine marking, reducing risk of certain cancers, prostate and testicular disease in males, and life-threatening uterine infections in females.

We believe in preventive medicine. Pre-anesthetic blood testing gives us a better picture of the health of a pet before performing anesthesia. This allows us to better assess a patient’s anesthetic risk but also we have diagnosed cases of renal disease, liver disease, and various infections by utilizing this screening test. It is best to have this information before anesthesia as in some cases the anesthesia risk may be decided to be too great. We want the best for your pet which is why we strive to offer the best.   Pre-anesthetic blood testing is available to all of our surgery patients but is required for patients 6 years and older.

We believe animals experience pain and also believe in managing and reducing the pain associated with our procedures. While it is routine here, some veterinarians do not include pain management with their spay and neuter procedures. This is another thing that sets us apart. We believe that every animal that is spayed or neutered should receive pain medication and is included in our procedure and price. All animals spayed or neutered here receive a pain injection at the time of surgery, and we provide pain control for 3 days post-operative often sending home additional oral medication. Our feline spays include an injection of Buprenorphine SR, a potent pain medication that provides 3 days of pain control from one injection so additional pain medication does not have to be given at home.

In addition to these important differences, we have equipment to monitor our patient’s blood oxygen saturation, their breaths per minute, heart rate, electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure during their procedure. We also have a dedicated team member monitoring the pet during the procedure. For our canine/feline spays and canine neuters our patients are intubated and maintained on an inhaled anesthetic and 100% oxygen. We can adjust their anesthetic depth during a procedure based on their physical parameters.

Our spay and neuter procedures are done as an outpatient procedure so we do not require that they spend the night, they are discharged the same day as the procedure.

We require an appointment to be scheduled to perform these procedures. At the time of scheduling our staff member will discuss key precautions to take prior to your pet’s appointment to help your pet have a safe anesthetic recovery. If you would like to schedule your pet to be spayed or neutered you can reach us at (256) 734-5557. If you have additional questions about the procedure please give us a call.